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Registration will close on Thursday, August 12th at 2:00pm.  On-site registration for both 12 Hours of Road America and the Hairpin 100 will open on August 13th at Road America (Registration Building/Tufte Center).  See schedule of events for details. 

Schedule of Events
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Camping is recommended but not required.

Everyone will receive a space for camping / parking when you arrive.


Camping areas are not assigned and are first come first serve. We have plenty of room for everyone to be comfortable. New for 2021...we will have a separate area across the track near the VIP tower if riders want a "quiet area" for camping.  You will park your car by your tent If you do plan on camping.


If you reserved your spot during registration, see one of our parking attendants for assistance. 


Please arrive early to allow yourself time to setup.  We recommend you set your camping spot prior to picking up your packet. 


Campers and RV's are cool. If you need hook ups for your RV, you will have to work with Road America for this reservation.  Click here for more info.



Pit Lane is OPEN! 

Pit Lane is proudly sponsored by Festival Foods, Nuun, Honey Stinger and Broken Spoke Bikes!

Athletes can enter pit lane at anytime during the race to re-fuel, re-hydrate or receive bike support from one of our techs. An aid station will be fully stocked and available to you during the duration of the event. This aid station has water,  Nuun electrolyte drink and other race food.

All athletes / teams will be given ample space in pit lane to store their gear. If your team has more than 10 athletes, you will be given additional space in pit lane. Please note, all gear MUST be removed from pit lane no later than 7:30am - race cars will be entering the track at 8:00am. 

You are allowed to pop up a 10x10 tent in your assigned pit stall. PLEASE bring some form of weight to weigh your tent down. HAVE FUN! Bring some lights, decorations and other fun items to dress up your pit stall and help your riders identify where their pit stall is theirs. Pit lane will be BUSY, so please enter and exit using caution.

If you reserved a spot in Pit Lane, it will be marked when you arrive. 

Pets are not allowed in Pit Lane.

Pit Lane


Race Paddock

The Race Paddock area is the center hub of all the fun. This is where your music, food, expo and other activities will take place.


Watch movies in Victory Lane, listen to live music and get some chow with your friends and family in this area.  There is plenty to do for everyone. 

You'll also be able to view all the official Race Merchandise here. If you decide to take a volunteer shift during the event, you'll save $5.00 off any single item in the merchandise tent.


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All athletes must attend the Opening Ceremony at Victory Lane which consists of a 20 minute overview of the event, safety points, pit lane logistics, paddock area details, challenge info, rules and more


The Opening Ceremony takes place at Victory Lane at 6:15pm

Feel free to visit the race HQ tent anytime during the event if you have questions.  We'll be happy to help.


         RACE TALK

Race Talk

All athletes (Hairpin 100 and 12 Hours of Road America) must check in at the Registration Building/Tufte Center (See schedule for location).

All riders must have a valid drivers license with them to check in and receive their race bag and packet. Athletes without a valid drivers license must be accompanied by an adult during check in. Criterium packet pick up for each respective race will close 30 minutes before the listed start time of each event.

If you registered under the "Victory Lane Experience" ticket and have not met the $500 fundraising requirement, you will be charged the balance of the remaining amount left on your fundraising page when you check in. 


We suggest that you check in after you get your parking/camping spot.  

You will be able to stage your gear and pit lane tent near pit lane starting at 3:30pm.  

Fundraising Details

Who are we fundraising for?

Athlete Check In




The King / Queen of the Mountain is a fun challenge on course that pushes riders to give it their all and see how quickly they can get up the front stretch hill after turn 14. Timing data points are located at the bottom and top section of the hill top capture riders as the enter and exit the challenge section. 



The Speed Challenge is all about SPEED and how fast you can go on the back stretch of the course before turn 5. This is a flat and fast section the really lets you drop the hammer and crank it up. Timing data points are located at the start and finish of the speed section capture riders as the enter and exit the challenge.



The Distance Challenge rewards the top rider in the entire event who has completed the most amount of laps in the allotted amount of time. This is sort of our "winner" of the event. Each lap is a complete circuit from the start line to the finish line. Timing chips are used to collect lap data and count your laps as you bike through the night!

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12 Hours of Road America is NOT A RACE! This is an event for all abilities. You can help us make this event fun and safe for everyone by using your own best judgement and by following the guidelines listed below.


  • All riders are required to have a working headlight and taillight on their bike at all times while riding. While we will have chargers available, we encourage you to bring backups.

  • Please, no flashing lights.

  • Helmets and shoes must be worn at all times on the track.

  • NO headphones permitted while riding.

  • Ride at a safe speed and at a safe distance from other riders.

  • Please draft responsibly. Dangerous riders will be removed from the track.

  • Riders should wear their chip timer while on the track at all times .



  • All runners are required to have a working light on their body at all times while on course (ie headlamp, knuckle lights lighted running vest, etc).

  • Headphones are permitted - get your jam on!

  • Runners should wear their bib while on course at all times.



  • Please respect athletes of all abilities that are participating both on and off the track and social distance when possible. 

  • In general, cruise on the right; pass carefully on the left.

  • Verbally communicate with other athletes when passing, slowing down and/or stopping.

  • Athletes are encourage to self support their own unique nutritional needs throughout the event.  Limited athlete nutrition will be available during the event in Pit Lane and on the run course. 

Event Safety



All participants have the ability to fundraise and receive incredible fundraising incentives.


All your fundraising money goes to benefit the myTEAM TRIUMPH Wisconsin organization as they continue to enable athletes with diverse abilities to compete in endurance events just like this one.

You can connect your fundraising page to your Facebook account and make your fundraising even easier.

Incentives - The more you raise, the bigger the reward!

  • $500 - 12 Hours of Road America Angel Cycling Jersey or Tech T

  • $1,000 - Free TRIUMPH Membership for 1 year + Angel Cycling Jersey or Tech T

  • $2,500 - 12 Hours of Road America jacket + Eleanor Cycling Jersey or Tech T

  • $5,000 - Wahoo Fitness Kickr CORE direct drive smart trainer or Garmin Fenix 6 + Eleanor Cycling Jersey or Tech T

If you chose to fundraise your registration and have not met the fundraising requirement, we ask that you self donate the balance on your fundraising page prior to event day to speed up your check-in time.  If you do not meet this requirement by event day,  you will be required to make this donation prior to check in at the "HELP" table.  Note: Your registration fee is automatically applied to your fundraising goal.

TRIUMPH Ceremony

The Triumph Ceremony is a VIP lunch for our Victory Lane athletes taking place on August 14th from 12:00pm - 1:30pm. You will enjoy a catered lunch, award presentation, meet and greet with mTT Captains, special keynote VIP message, early entrance into the facility and finally a special gift from us! 

Fundraising rewards will be sent out after the event.  Fundraisers have 30 days following the event to reach these incentive levels; at which time a myTEAM TRIUMPH representative will be in contact.  For questions on fundraising, please contact Christian at



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The first lap of the event will be considered a pace lap and will be led out by myTEAM TRIUMPH Captains and athletes with disabilities. Think of this as an inclusion lap for the start of the race! . 

Race Format

Each lap for both the ride and run are about 4 miles long. There is no limit to the amount of riders and runners who can be on course at once.  Road, triathlon, mountain, cruiser, fat bikes, hand cycles and the like are all OK on the race track.  If you have a question regarding your bike, please contact us at

Solo riders will work to complete as many laps on the 4 mile race track as possible in the allotted time.  You do not need to ride the entire 12 hours! Ride as much or as little as you want. 

Teams of 2 or more riders can ride together to complete the most amount of laps  possible. There is no limit on the size of a team. There is no limit to the amount of riders who can be on course at once. This is NOT a "relay" format event, but a team experience where you can ride with your friends and accumulate as many completed laps as possible.

Each rider is assigned a timing chip and will be eligible for awards in their respective division. The following awards are handed out for solo and team division in both the cycling, running and duathlon division: 

  •  Most laps completed (individual mens & women's)

  •  Most laps completed (team)

The following awards are handed out for solo and team division in both the cycling and running division:

  •  King & Queen of the Mountain

  •  Speed Challenge (individual mens & women's)

All riders will receive the following upon checking in on race day: 

  •  12 Hours of Road America bag - (fundraising riders ONLY)

  •  Short sleeve, comfortable tri-blend participant shir

  •  One beer, 2 slices of pizza & pancake breakfast plate when you show your wristband

  • Timing chip

Where to Go




After entering Gate 6, it's under the tunnel and up the hill to parking and camping you go!  


Spectators are highly encouraged to come and join in on the fun! This is a family friendly event.  While the participants are out on the track, you can enjoy the fun activities we have available around the track and in the Paddock area. Enjoy some live music and catch a movie in Victory Lane or just kick back by our campfire and enjoy an evening with friends. Food/beverages can be purchased for a donation.

Gate 6 Registration Building/Tufte Center

All packet pick up and registration for 12 Hours of Road America and the Hairpin 100 will be held in the Gate 6 Registration Building or Tufte Center.  Please see the weekend guide for day/time location information. 


All Crit racing will take place at the Motorplex racetrack.  Camping for Crit racers and spectators will in this area as well on a first come, first serve basis. 



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