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Bootleg Bessie is rocking our cycling socks off in the Victory Lane area next to the beer garden. These guys are a local Wisconsin trio with a southern rock blues sound. They're huge supporters of the event and we can't wait to rock out to some great tunes!

Plus, those riding on the track will get the live music experience as well! As you near the paddock area and turn 14, we'll have live music pumping through the speakers and into your soul to help you hammer up the final hill of the course! How cool is that!?



Our Beer Garden is open from 7:00pm - 1:00am. All riders receive one complimentary beer with their registration! Please drink responsibly. Riders competing in the event are not recommended to drink during competition. If you do drink, please leave a 2 hour window between the time of your drink and the time you'll be riding. 


As with any endurance event, staying hydrated with water is extremely important. We will have water and Nuun electrolyte drink on course to help keep you hydrated while you ride. 

All proceeds go to benefit myTEAM TRIUMPH.

* Must have a valid ID and be over the age of 21



Let's EAT! Food trucks of different variety will be available to help keep you fueled for your ride all weekend long. As we near the event, we will begin to release details on food trucks and the different styles of food that will be available.

Midnight Pizza Party with Brew Pub Pizza.
From 11:30pm - 1:00am, we will be serving up Pizza of all kinds to riders and spectators. Riders, you get a free plate of pizza (2 slices) complimentary with your race entry! Anyone is welcome to purchase pizza at the event during the pizza party - all proceeds go to benefit myTEAM TRIUMPH.
* Pizza will be available for purchase during the entire event! 


Pancake Breakfast with Hotcakes on the Go.

From 4:00am - 7:00am, we will be serving up warm, fluffy pancakes with maple syrup and maple breakfast sausage links to riders and spectators. Riders, you get a free plate of endless pancakes complimentary with your race entry! Anyone is welcome to purchase breakfast at the event - all proceeds go to benefit myTEAM TRIUMPH.



KA-CHOW! Lightening McQueen will be ripping up the big screen for our Victory Lane Movie from 10:00pm -11:30pm. You'll get to sit in the winners circle with friends and family to enjoy this classic Disney film. Just think, hundreds of racing legends have worked their entire lives to get into Victory Lane! All you had to do was rase some money for a great cause :).

Stop at one of our food trucks and grab a snack before the movie!

Proceeds benefit myTEAM TRIUMPH.

* Chairs are not provided at victory lane. Please bring a camp chair or blanket to sit on. 



The Race Paddock area is the center hub of all the fun. This is where your music, food, expo and other activities will take place. Once the event begins, we will have yard games available to play with your friends while you wait for your turn to ride. We'll also have fires going into he evening to stay warm and just cozy up next to a fire. What better way to enjoy an August night than bikes, beer, music and a campfire. 

You'll also be able to view all the official Race Merchandise here. If you decide to take a volunteer shift during the event, you'll save $5.00 off any single item in the merchandise tent.



The King / Queen of the Hill is a fun challenge on course that pushes riders to give it their all and see how quickly they can get up the front stretch hill after turn 14. Timing data points are located at the bottom and top section of the hill top capture riders as the enter and exit the challenge section. 

The Speed Challenge is all about SPEED and how fast you can go on the back stretch of the Cours before turn 5. This is a flat and fast section the really lets you drop the hammer and crank it up. Timing data points are located at the start and finish of the speed section capture riders as the enter and exit the challenge.

The Distance Challenge rewards the top rider in the entire event who has completed the most amount of laps in the allotted amount of time. This is sort of our "winner" of the event. Each lap is a complete circuit from the start line to the finish line. Timing chips are used to collect lap data and count your laps as you bike through the night!


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