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Inaugural year a success!

Wow! I'm so inspired by all the people who came together for this first year. We had amazing sponsors, fundraisers, donors, volunteers and participants!

From the start, our goal was to create an event for riders that was so unique, challenging and unforgettable that it would knock their socks off. I believe people are yearning to measure their full potential and an ultra distance cycling event overnight on one of the most iconic race tracks in the country proved to be a great recipe for success!

300+ participants, $90,000+ raised (and counting) for a first year. So many heroes are responsible for making this happen!

There's a lot to celebrate as we reflect on year one...however there are also some learnings as we seek to work out the bugs and drive more value to the event. A few include:

  • Challenges with timing multiple sections on the course. We are still working on cleaning up the data.

  • Making the camping experience better and more convenient for athletes. This was a clear opportunity

  • Layout enhancements to make the paddock amenities more accessible for everyone

  • Correct amount and orientation of lighting

From all of us at myTEAM TRIUMPH, I would like to extent a huge thank you to our sponsors and participants for committing to participate in such a unique first year event. We really hope you felt you had a great experience and will continue to join us in the years to come!

We will be announcing the 2020 date and opening registration very soon!

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